Hi! My name is B and welcome to my blog. 

The Other Side of B is as is. It's about my creative side about which few people know about. I was never good at writing down my thoughts, but it somehow helped my anxious self to calm down. This blog has been my safe place ever since. Writing gives me peace and freedom. This blog has been a big part of me growing up.

They say to be good at writing, you have to read lots of books. I have not always loved reading, but I read books I find interesting. As a child, I aspired to become a lot of things. I was never sure of who or what I wanted, but one thing is for sure, I've always wanted to make difference in people’s lives. Currently, I have been pursuing my dream to become a doctor. I also dream to travel the world and settle into a place where I can find freedom, happiness, and love. I like to ponder over several things in life and realized that I spent more in trying to prove myself. I eventually learned that it’s impossible to please everyone anyway. 

I like sharing my stories hoping that I could inspire other people especially those of my age. My life may not be extraordinary, but through this blog, I hope to inspire people. I believe that knowledge is a very powerful tool, books are deep, but meaningful and life is beautiful, despite world's cruelty. I hope you can join me on my adventures and learn a thing or two. Please do not hesitate to comment on posts or email me about anything. Happy reading! :)

Disclosure: This is a personal blog written and edited by me unless stated otherwise. (>>>)