Life lately: Summer Break

Sunday, May 27, 2018

Summer break equates to doing nothing all day and being a medical student, nakaka-agit kapag walang ginagawa! Relate? I didn't have anything to do with my time so I used it to spend with catching up with family, friends at sa buhay ko in general. I missed writing so here I am, giving a quick update on what's up with life lately. So far, I haven't been really that busy, but carry on.

As soon as school was over, the first thing I did was to watch Infinity wars with one of my best friends and had a little celebration now that school is over. I also finally got my well-deserved 8-hour-sleep.

I binge-watch series and movies, old or new, that I was not able to watch during school days. I didn't realize that I finished everything is just two or three days until now so suggestions are very much welcome and very much appreciated! Oh, did I mention that I had my hair colored twice? YUP.

What I like best now that I have my free time is I can drive around the city while the sun is setting or eat at food parks or go on road trips, whatever makes my mind at peace. There's just something about the sun setting that makes everything extra beautiful, don't you agree?

Anyway, thinking can either be good or bad and all this time had me thinking:

Time is something that we take for granted. We are so busy building our self, our careers, chasing our dreams that sometimes we forget about the people we should've spent our time with. Med school can take up so much of our time and school breaks and weekends are the best way to finally catch up with the people who matter. While we are busy chasing our dreams, we forget that these people in our lives are getting older. It's the sad reality of life. Time is something we cannot change and we cannot chase but we can use it very wisely and spend it with people who matter, so I hope you stop making excuses to see them. x

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