In which we map the past — Day 2 #Adjourn2017

Friday, December 29, 2017

I was sixteen―in love with the concept of love. Maybe, I was too young to know what's love. Maybe, I was a fool to say I felt loved. Maybe, I was too naive, but it hit me. I fell in love.

I remember it all too well. We started out as friends, we became each other's best of friends and everything just fell into their places. One day we knew, we both fell in love. We were young and reckless and too in love. It was as if we were meant to be. It was so easy and we're both happy. It was beautiful and magical and everything I hoped for, but it didn't last long and soon we both parted ways. 

Still, it was a story worth telling.

It was one Friday morning, I bumped into you. I was on my way to school and you were on your way to an interview. We talked like we used to before ― just two old friends talking. It was as if nothing happened.  No thrills, no awkwardness, no sparks. For a moment, it felt like everything around me slowed down. Seeing you again after a very long time, it all came back to me, but I guess this was it, I said. That was the day I feared the most, but that moment was all I needed...

...after five years, it was all I needed.

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