The Sunday Currently .02

Sunday, October 09, 2016


Reading. Aside from reading Anatomy transes in preparation for this week's examinations, I have yet to finish Paul Kalanithi's When Breath Becomes Air. It's just too much to read. I stopped reading it ever since my break down in the bus while reading it. Yep, I am still on page 16.

Writing. The volume two of The Sunday Currently.

Listening. Lately, I've been obsessing about Chainsmokers' All We Know. This song is giving me all the right feels in the world. So so goood to the ears.

Thinking. ..about how many days to go 'til this semester ends?

Smelling. The smell of coffeeeeee because #CofeeIzLyf people.

Wishing. I am wishing for a productive week ahead and of course..

Hoping. ..I hope to pass my examinations this coming weeks.

Wearing. Just the usual pambahay clothes.

Loving. I loved that I am writing this post and I am finally updating my blog.

Wanting. write more and read more. There are plenty of things I need to catch up on... first and foremost is updating The Other Side of B. I have drafted so many posts here and on my phone that I have yet to finish. I am used to updating this every week, but sadly school's been occupying most of my time.

Needing. I need more time to watch Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children. I've been waiting for this movie to happen for years and I cannot simply miss it. Maybe, I'll squeeze it in next week after exams.

Feeling. A bit anxious about how my lecturette would go on Tuesday. Although, I've been preparing for it for a weeks, I am still feeling anxious, but hopefully everything would go smoothly as planned. 

I hope you'll have a great week ahead, loves!

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