With you, everything is blurry

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

She never thought she would feel again, that she would open her heart to people, to feel like herself again, to be vulnerable. She never thought it was possible. For a very long time, she was looking out for herself. She built her walls. She guarded her heart. Slowly but surely, she opened up herself to you after being broken for a long time, but she did even if she is afraid.

"You looked beautiful tonight", you said.

The little things you said.

All those whispers. All those smiles. She remembers everything even if she does not say a thing. She honestly don't know what this is, but she's happy and that is what matters. She will not force things to happen and this time, she will let it be. Whatever will be the end of this story, this will be kept in her memory. This will be kept in her heart...

because it was you who opened her heart..
because it was you who made her believe in love again..

So thank you,

for making her feel that she is capable to love. 

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