The Sunday Currently .03

Sunday, June 25, 2017


Reading. I just got a copy of Jenny Han's Always and Forever and I'm currently re-reading the first installment of the series. I still love it and all the kilig vibes the book is giving me.

Writing. The volume three of The Sunday Currently and editing two more draft posts.

Listening. I've been listening to LANY's songs on repeat lately. I love the chill vibes it gives hehe. Still crossing my fingers that my schedule would permit me to see them in August. PLEASE HUHU 

Thinking. I'm thinking which topics to write here in the blog. Let me know if you guys have anything on mind hehe comment down below! :)

Smelling. The smell of fresh sampaguita flowers we just bought after attending the Sunday mass.

Wishing... that the trips I'm planning this year would push through! 

Hoping... that my parents would finally allow me to drive alone haha 

Wearing. Just the usuals: white shirt + palazzo pants 

Loving. ...the comments I'm getting with the posts I write. Thank you so much to everyone who appreciates my entries! 

Wanting. Extend the vacation, please! I only have 'til next week and I might not be able to update this blog again, but I'll try my best to do so every Friday and Sunday. I hope I still have my readers by then.  :(

Needing. MORE TIME FOR VACATION. I don't know what's wrong with me, but it started sinking into me just now na bakasyon ko na pala talaga mga besh. There's still a lot more to catch up on. :(

Feeling. Happy as a bee! Ever since I got back from Zambales, I feel like I'm the happiest. I am just really happy I got to spend time with my family, friends and myself without worrying about school or exams.

I can't believe that we're already halfway through the year again. Anyway, I hope you had a great weekend and even a greater week ahead!

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