What is it like to go to the movies alone?

Monday, January 02, 2017

So I went to the movies alone yesterday. It wasn't the first time but it feels like it.

To be honest, I have no problems doing a bunch of stuff by myself  shopping, eating at a restaurant, sitting at a coffee shop, standing around, but for some reason I always hesitated going to the movies alone. I have this tendency to get too attached to my friends until one day, my best friend (or I thought so) threw me out of the group. That was I think the turning moment.That was when I started to do a bunch of stuff by myself and I never relied to anyone ever again (with exception to my parents, of course).

Few years back, I went to see a movie because I have nowhere to go. I just got home from school and then I realized I didn't have the keys with me so I have to wait for my parents to arrive home for me to get in. Just to kill time, I went to see the movies alone. After the film, I weirdly and hurriedly went home and I said to myself that I am never going to do that again. I felt awkward.

Just this year, I got to watch some of the MMFF films because the line up was too good. I asked my friends to come with me, but I had these 'blahhhh' reactions on their faces. So I decided to just go and see this year's films alone. I was able to watch an average of three movies per day and it turns out that it isn't that bad at all. I honestly thought it would be awkward, but it didn't. There were people who watched the films alone, too. I was laughing and crying and getting kilig vibes and people didn't mind at all. You have the company of the characters in the film. You won't feel alone, tbh. It doesn't feel sad. It actually feels like I'm binge-watching at home lol

So yeah, I suggest you go to the movies alone. It isn't weird at all. Just think of it as your big home theater and enjoy the movie. Go treat yourself. You deserve it.

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