A year of many firsts

Saturday, December 31, 2016

How time flies! I cannot believe that we're just few hours away from bidding adieu to 2016. Looking back, I cannot help but get a bit emotional. 2016 has been quite a good year—it was a year of many firsts for me.

✓ First out-of-town trip with my best friends

✓ First airplane ride

✓ First time to jump off a 40-feet cliff

✓ First time to go on hiking

✓ First time to try spelunking

✓ First time to actually swim in a river

This year, not only I graduated from college, 

but also pursued my dream of becoming a doctor.

First quarter of this year was a roller coaster ridewith all the requirements I have to complete before graduating from college and all the requirements I needed to get in my chosen medical school. It's not easy peasy, BUT I did it! I'm not going to say that I've always wanted to become a doctor, but if there's one thing I am sure of, this is it. This is what I wanted and I am six years away from getting that MD.

2016 was about discovering myself even more and I am happy that I did. I learned a lot about myself. I was surprised that I can actually do things I thought I cannot. I learned to accept all my flaws and embrace it. Most importantly, I learned to take risks and live a happy and positive life. I hope you did too! BUT, there's a lot more to do, a lot more places to go and I hope I get to do them next year. I know it will be a busy year and I am excited for what 2017 has in store for me.

To a happier and fulfilling life next year...

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