#TeamReal: My Grand OJD Experience

Sunday, February 21, 2016

If you're following me on twitter, you've probably known that I am a biggest fan of today's hottest love team, JaDine and just yesterday, I witnessed the grandest OJD experience!

My friend and I decided to get the general admission tickets with a reason na at least nandun kami. Happened at Araneta Coliseum, the hottest pair electrified and enthralled the hearts of everyone as they sing some of the hit love songs and songs from their albums.

3:00PM. As we arrived at the venue, there was a long queue of people amidst the scorching heat patiently waiting for the gates to open.

5:00PM. The gates opened and everyone was in a hurry to get inside. Everyone was so excited to be on their seats and experience the grandest OJD experience.

8:00PM. The coliseum is awash in the glow of thousands of electric lights like a sea of bioluminiscent organisms. It was magical and beautiful and electrifying.

10:00PM. The concert was about end, JaDines are still on fire. Ibang klase talaga ang energy  at mga ngiti ng tao. Then out of nowhere, James walked along the red carpet, here I thought this was Leah and Clark's happy ending - that they are getting married and we were there to witness it. 

Then all of a sudden, I felt a change in the atmosphere and my heart started racing and there it was, the three magical words. Everything was a blur and everyone went wild. And before I let that sink in, I had to ask my friend again, "WAS IT I LOVE YOU?" and she said, "Yes, it was."

Love was all over the place. The amount of happiness that I am feeling right now is indescribable. It felt like I was in a fairy tale story. Up until now, it still feels surreal. I had to pinch myself to know that it was all real. And yes after two years, JaDine is finally #TeamReal.

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