A Day of Many Firsts: Bayukbok Cave

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

The budget for this hiking trip is around P500-P1000 but it only cost us less than P500 minus the food expenses. We brought packed lunch, snacks and drinks para less gastos.

We decided to go back to the registration area at two in the afternoon to prepare for spelunking. Spelunking, a traditional term for caving, is a hobby of exploring caves. According to our local guide, Kuya Edmar, Bayukbok cave is one of the technical caves because of some not-so-easy parts even for the professionals.

Rock climbing before going to the caves

Before going onto the deadly chamber, 'Body Language'.
Bayukbok cave consists of 1 to 6 chambers. There are chambers where you need to rappel, use a ladder or hang from tree branches. There is also what they call, the Music Room and the Body Language, which is the most difficult part.  Our underground adventure was a combination of ducking, sliding, balancing and climbing.

After going out the cave (+ sunset)
It was a great experience for a first-timer who don't usually go on adventures. Ang lakas maka-NatGeo ng experience! I think one of the perks of being a biology student is this: You get to explore and go on adventures.

Realizations. In a world we live in where there is a constant access to anything we think we need or want at that moment sometimes it's too much to handle. You know I realized that truly, the best things in life are free. Life is a grand adventure. Learn to take risks and simply enjoy the moment.

✓ To go on hiking
✓ To try spelunking
✓ To swim in a river

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