Monday, October 28, 2013

Photodump 10/28

Sharing you guys set of pictures i took randomly from different places, the past months.
"Love, at every opportunity you are given to love..." (I Wrote This For You)

I love landscapes! I feel so relaxed whenever i see one. You know, the fresh air, the blooming flowers, I could imagine myself retiring in a place like this. You never know! :p
All photos are taken using my iPad.

Whenever i get bored, i usually stare at the sky. Some people loves the beach, sea breeze, the sand, judge me, not I could forever stare at the different formations the clouds make and never get bored.

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Night Lights

Sharing you guys another outfit, this time when my family and I went south. I'm on my semester break that's why I had the time to update this blog. Anyway, on my outfit, I wore this last two Sundays ago. My family and I went to the city for my niece's 1st birthday. After that, we went straight to Tagaytay to hear a mass and try their famous bulaluhan there.
(( Push Thru Maxi Dress; Memorata by CLN Sandals; Citizen Watch ))
I can't decide what to wear. As I was arranging my clothes, I found this dress I bought few years back. This was my first time to wear maxi dress and I instantly fell in love with it. you know when you can't decide what to wear or too lazy to dress up but wants to look fab, just pull one out and you're good.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013


Cheers to a new post! Sharing you guys what I wore to my dear friend, Marielle's debut.
College life is like a roller coaster ride. There are a lot of ups and down you'll encounter in your way. It isn't easy and i'm not joking. Yup, it's fun to know that you're the one holding your time. But it's no fun to have loads of task to do. Thank goodness, I've met these people along the way. I swear I can't survive without them, they made college a lot easier. To beat the record, this is one of the best nights I've ever had!

(( Dress - Shopaholic (SM Dept. Store); Slippers - CLN )) 
I was not able to prepare ahead of time, thank goodness, I still have this dress. (My lifesaver!) I love how classy it looks. I also love the illusion the lines made. Maybe, you're wondering why I'm wearing slippers and not heels. To know that I need to travel from south to north, I couldn't afford to wear heels. Anyway, I hope you liked the outfit! 
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